Find Out Why Mile High Mamas Recommends Colorado Jeep Tours as a Family-Friendly Activity

Colorado Jeep Tours is proud to appeal to many different people. People of all ages love to participate in our tours and take in the beauty that one can see from the back of our jeeps. Recently, Mile High Mamas, a parenting blog, did a review of our Colorado Jeep Tours, a company based in Canon City just about an hour west of Colorado Springs. Read on to discover all of the amazing things they experienced on their tour and why they would highly recommend this activity to families looking for a family-friendly experience.

You Can Learn a Lot About History on the Tour

Mile High Mamas stated that Steve, the specific driver for her tour, “was so knowledgeable about the area in and around Canon City – he was a true teacher. It didn’t matter if we peppered him with questions – he was ready for them all.”

Colorado Jeep Tours is the perfect activity for everyone in the family because you can learn a lot of history on the ride. During Mile High Mamas tour, she said that some of the things she learned about were old prisons in the area, information about an old cemetery that went past, and about different dinosaurs and fossils in the area. The guide also pointed out different rock formations, mountain ranges, and different foliage, trees and plans.

Whether your family is a history buff or not, there is a lot that can be learned on the tour for people of all age groups.

The Tour is a Unique Experience

Another reason why the tour is a family-friendly activity is because it is such a unique experience. How often do you get to climb into a jeep and explore? Both kids and those young at heart love the idea of climbing into a jeep with the windows wide open and rolling around on trails as the sun and wind blows through their hair.

It is an activity that is perfect for those who are thrill-seeking and those who prefer something more on the tame side. Jeep tours truly appeal to a wide array of people, making it the perfect option for a family with different personality types and age ranges.

You Get Amazing Views

Mile High Mamas wrote in her review that “The vistas were awe-inspiring – it’s no wonder that America The Beautiful (the poem) was written in Colorado! Who doesn’t get a little thrill of being “special” as the only car in a certain place. Colorado Jeep Tours is the only company whose vehicles are allowed to cross the Royal Gorge Bridge – positioned almost 1,000 feet above the canyon, America’s highest bridge.”

When you go on this jeep tour, you get to see amazing views and beautiful sights. Both young and old can appreciate natural beauty and take in elements that not everyone gets to experience during their lifetime. If you are looking to create a lasting memory that will last a lifetime with your family, this tour can help you to do so.

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Finding activities that you can do as a family can be challenging. You can find kid-friendly activities, but they may bore older children or adults. You can find adult-friendly activities, but it may be hard for children to sit still or to enjoy the activity you have planned. Here at Colorado Jeep Tours, we are proud to offer full-day or half-day tours, including tours of the Red Canyon or the Royal George tour. These tours are typically about three to 3.5 hours in length. We also offer a full day tour that is around 7 hours. This tour includes lunch and is a combination of both the Red Canyon and Royal George tour. Families of all ages enjoy our tours, making it a great option for those who are truly seeking a family-friendly activity everyone can enjoy. To learn more about our prices or to schedule a tour, visit us at ColoradoJeepTours.com.