Coronavirus Update 5/21/20

We Are Open!

As of Friday May 22, 2020, Colorado Jeep Tours will be open!

Your health and safety is our top priority, whether in our jeeps or at our office. Our staff is taking the Coronavirus outbreak very seriously and are following all necessary precautions given by the Center for Disease Control and local authorities.  


Guest Check-in Process 

  • No contact check-in for guests. When you arrive call 719 275 6339 from your car. Our staff will check you in over the phone and dispatch your jeep directly to you in the parking lot.  Clients will not be waiting in our waiting area. 
  • Guests will sign electronic waivers to eliminate contact on their own phones or computers via our reservation confirmation email. 


  • Employees will wear face coverings and customers shall be required to wear face coverings, where possible.
  • Daily symptom screening for employees including temperature readings and questioning. 
  • Guides/drivers will wear disposable gloves and guest will be offered and encouraged to wear disposable gloves as well. 


  • Jeep capacities will be lowered to provide for social distancing. All groups and family units who arrive at our location in a single vehicle will be given a private tour in the same jeep.  
  • All Jeep surfaces including seats, windows and railings will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 
  • Jeep zip down sides will remain open during transport unless this interferes with safety. 

Colorado Jeep Tours will continue to implement best practices and monitor the CDC guidelines. 

Important things to consider to protect against covid-19

  • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have been potentially exposed to it, stay at home.
  • Minimize your chances of exposure by maintaining adequate separation from other people.
  • Protection starts with the basics: proper washing of hands. Hand sanitizers DO NOT take the place of hand washing.
  • The temperature of the water while washing your hands has no impact on the germs on your hands. It is the soap that does the work.
  • The type of hand soap makes no difference as long as you wash your hands correctly.
  • Come and join us at Colorado Jeep Tours when the Stay at Home order is cancelled and let us help you see Colorado’s amazing outdoors! Keep in mind that we expect to be running at capacity with limited seats this summer so make your reservation now! 719-275-6339.