Coronavirus Precautions

As of 3/19/20, Colorado Jeep Tours is open and continues to offer private off-road jeep tours to families who reside in the same household, for parties of 4 to 8 people, who arrive together in their own vehicle.

We are taking this very seriously, but believe it is still safe to offer our outdoor experiences on uncrowded backcountry trails. Our jeeps are open-air, they are sanitized before each tour, and guests are not being co-mingled at this time. So, the only person you will have limited contact with (from a distance) is your professional guide/driver, who speaks to you from a headset sound system, while you ride in the back of the jeep. We are also providing medical-grade latex-free gloves to our guests if they choose to wear them for extra protection from touching the inside of the jeeps.

At Colorado Jeep Tours, the safety of our guests is our top priority, whether out on the trail or checking in at our office. Our staff members are taking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak very seriously and are following all necessary precautions given by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Based on the CDC website, Colorado Jeep Tours’ precautionary measures include disinfecting surfaces multiple times each day, providing ample hand washing, and hand sanitizing opportunities for guests and staff and asking any staff member to stay home if they or their family have symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Our management team continues to evaluate the current situation on a daily basis. As of right now, Colorado Jeep Tours will be continuing operations (with all necessary health precautions in place) in the fresh air of the remote Colorado mountains. Again, the safety of our guests and employees will always come first and we will keep an open mind as the situation continues to evolve. To find up-to-date information about travel within our state, see the Colorado.gov Coronavirus information page.


Due to the growing concern of the Coronavirus, Colorado Jeep Tours has altered its cancellation policy. Colorado Jeep Tours will evaluate the cancellation of your reservation when it is within 14 days of your departure date. Reservations that are more than 14 days from their departure date will not be evaluated. Reservations within 48 hours of the departure time will not be offered any refunds.

For reservations canceled within 14 days, guests may opt to receive a refund less $20/guest, or guests may receive a voucher valued at the full trip price to be used at a later date.